Search Engine Optimisation

To rank on the first page of Google for competitive search terms you must have a well optimised website and a more powerful backlink profile than your competitors but you must also blend in with them because Google will penalise you if it thinks you are gaming their system.

Before building backlinks we audit your site to find out if its progress to the first pages is being inhibited by poor structure or content. Getting your site fit for Google is crucial. Only then do we start to build a back link profile typical of your market but with more power and authority.

If an unnatural back link profile is built to your website, compared to your competitors, this will raise a red flag to Google, they will penalise your site and it will lose rankings. You will then have to rebuild your backlinks and this is considerably more difficult than building the correct profile from day one.

Why do this instead of just quoting for a link building service?

Link building is not our goal, getting you the result that matter to you as the business owner is.

Our aim is to provide you, our client, with best practices and best advice.

Once we have established a relationship we check your website, links and competition in the same way a search engine would. There are over 80 factors and metrics that have some bearing on the position a web page may achieve, backlinks are very important but they are not the whole story.

We then suggest any corrective actions required to improve your website and links structure, so that both are search engine friendly. Not having your website and links optimised will hinder or perhaps even stop your site’s progress up the search engines! At the same time we provide you with an affordable solution that will boost your website to the top of the search engines for your customers' search terms.

Google Cannot Be Fooled Any More!

Well, not so easily as before. With the latest updates to the Google algorithm it is no longer possible to boost your website rankings using the old methods, in fact the old methods will damage your rankings and profit.

New methodology is required.

Backlink Structures

One of the important factors that determines the position of your website in Google or the other search engines is the quality and number of other websites that link to your site. It is no longer sufficient to simply find more and more websites that will link directly to your site. What counts in the eyes of the search engine is not the quantity but the quality of the links going to your site. Google measures the quality of every website linking to yours and assesses the relevance, authority and trust every site it lists. In brief, you may achieve better results by having one very high quality link to your site rather and many low quality links.

The number and quality of backlinks you will need to your site is determined by your competition for the search term that your prospects would use to find your site. If the competition is very low you may not need any links to achieve good Google rankings, if competion is high you will need many high quality links.  When adding multiple links to your site we need a structure. Building the large structures may not be necessary for your  site for example, if your niche is a low competition. On the other hand, if you are in a high competition market, then you will need larger structures, and quite a few of them too if you want top results for many search terms.


Search Engine Optimization – How We Can Help.

  • Website Audit And On Site Factor Analysis.
  • Backlink Audit And Link Profile Analysis.
  • Competition Analysis
  • SEO Success Report
  • Diagnosing And Removing Link Penalties
  • Link Building.
  • Website Speed Analysis
  • Keyword (Search Term) Analysis
  • Search Engine Tracking